Team Roles

KSAR Has a variety of operational and non-operational member roles:

Teams roles are key to the structure of Kent Search and Rescue. All members work operationally in teams.

The basic requirement for each member is to be a trained and qualified Search Technician [ST].

Beyond that members can optionally join any of the specialist teams and therefore KSAR provides training so that members can:

  • Lead a team of search technicians
  • Search by bodies of water
  • Search on bodies of water
  • Search long routes or move safety equipment quickly
  • Handle a search dog
  • Plan the search activities
  • Manage the search activities
  • Liaise with families and friends.

These skills are specialist and have their own training and qualification systems.

Key Operational Roles:

Key Non-Operational Roles:

  • Vehicle Operator
  • Control Technician

I Want to Become a Member

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