Lowland Team Leader

Qualification for any member Leading a Team

The Team Leader has the responsibility of completing the search task given by the Search Manager and the welfare of the team whilst this task is performed.

This involves ensuring the team is fit and well to perform the task, adequately equipped and to get a brief from the Search Manager and translate this to the members.

The team may be made up of 3 to 5 people including:

The Team Leader is qualified to the ALSAR National Standards and needs to be proficient in all aspects of search including navigation, radio operation, first aid, scenes of crime preservation and rescue techniques.

The Team Leader may have experienced members as well as those that are less expereinced in their team so they need to be able to coach members in their role during the search.

The Team Leader also needs to be proficient in many soft skills such as being able to give briefings, manage the team, interviewing / gathering information from third parties, handling difficult / sensitive situations, ensuring care of the team before, during and after the search as well as de-brieifing the team at the end of the search.

Moreover the Team Leader needs to be proficient to be able to deal with finding a Missing Person, regardless of the condition they are found in.

Finally the Team Leader needs to brief the Search Manager on the aspects of their team’s search and complete all associated paperwork.

Competency 1 – Basic Life Preservation in First Aid

Competency 2 – Basic Search Techniques

Competency 3 – Briefing & De-Briefing

Competency 4 – Scenes of Crime Preservation & Evidence Handling

Competency 5 – Search Safety

Competency 6 – Water Safety

Competency 7 – Basic Land Navigation Skills

Competency 8 – Missing Person Characteristics, Statistics & Search Tactics


  • Search Technician
  • Relevant experience

If the Team Leader completes specialist team training in other disciplines they will become a Team Leader in that discipline.

For example if a Team Leader qualifies as a Bank Search Technician they can then lead a Bank Search Team. 

There is a Skills for Justice Award available for this role.

The Team Leader can also lead these teams once qualified in that discipline: