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With annual operating costs of approx. £30,000 and running costs of approx up to £90,000, we need your help to keep providing this life saving service to the community of Kent.

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We are a manned by a dedicated team of volunteers. No member, whether they be operational or non-operational, a trustee, committee member or searcher technician, is paid or receives expenses for what they do.

Professional in all but Pay“.

Corporate Sponsorship provides many opportunities for businesses in Kent to support a local charity and we are able to run interesting and fun events and activities with your business.

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We regularly need to buy new or replacement equipment to be able to provide our life-saving service


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Who We Are

We SEARCH for Vulnerable Missing Persons to locate them and RESCUE them to a place of safety.

We utilise a vast array of resources not just people but also Boats, Canoes / Kayaks, Dogs, Drones, Mountain Bikes, Sonar.

As for people every operational member is a qualified Search Technician and many go on to become Team Leaders, Planners, Operators and Search Managers. Many members also qualify in specialist roles becoming boat / canoe / kayak operators, dog handlers, drone operators / spotters, sonar operators and so on.

How does it work?

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This video shows the team at work and the way we make the most of the latest technologies from search management software and digital radios…

Kent Search and Rescue is a charitable organisation dedicated to assisting the emergency services in the search for and rescue of high risk vulnerable missing persons.

When are we available?
Our volunteer members make themselves available 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year.
Who do we do it for?
Kent Search and Rescue provides this service free of charge for the benefit of the local community by responding to Kent Police, the Local Authority and other emergency services.
Why do we do it?
To help search for, find and rescue to a place of safety members of the community that go missing for any reason whose life is at risk.

Many Community Initiatives

Supporting those that look after Members of the Community living with Alzheimer's or Dementia in order to help us find them should they go missing.

Community work for Kent Search & Rescue is about supporting and working with the community through campaigns and programmes to help members of the public prepare for a member of the family or loved one possibly getting lost, taking steps to try and prevent this in the first place and to provide peace of mind.

This form is to be used by carers to keep key details and information of the person they care for, which will be invaluable to them, Kent Police and indeed ourselves to help us find them should they go missing.


See us in Action!

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We tend to keep a low profile

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