Community Work

Community work for Kent Search & Rescue is about reaching out to and working with the community through campaigns and programmes to help members of the public prepare for a member of the family or loved one possibly getting lost, taking all steps to preventing this in the first place and to provide peace of mind.


We are always interested to work with other agencies and groups that share a concern for the safety and welfare of vulnerable persons. If you have a related campaign or ideas for potential joint initiatives please get in contact with us to discuss potential partnerships by emailing [email protected].

These proactive initiatives are each intended to alleviate as much of the stress as possible associated with someone that goes missing and everyone that knows them.

Below is a list of new and ongoing initiatives as well as a few potential future initiatives we are attempting to develop:

Scouts & Guides

This campaign is aimed at prevention promoted through the Kent Search & Rescue Challenge AwardMore>

Safe & Sound

This campaign is aimed primarily at those that care for vulnerable people of all agesMore>

At Risk of Going Missing Form

This form is to be used by carers to keep key details and information of the person they care for, which will be invaluable to them, Kent Police and indeed ourselves to help us find them should they go missing. View Form>

At Risk of Going Missing Video