Kent Search & Rescue exists to offer a valuable service to Kent Police and other emergency services and local councils throughout Kent, and the rest of the UK if called upon.

The unit is manned by volunteers and is operational 24/7/365. We are activated at the request of Kent Police and other emergency organisations. This is achieved by a telephone call to our duty officer, who will in turn activate the members by way of SMS Text.

During 2012 / 2013 the number of Missing People reported to Kent Police was 9,845*.

Although they do not all require a full call out or search. We have a high percentage in the Kent area of people that can be classified as being vulnerable and will need our assistance.

These include the elderly and those suffering from dementia or alzheimers, confused persons, despondents and children that go missing for a number of reasons as well as victims of crime.


*Source National Policing Improvement Agency Missing Persons: Data and analysis 2012 / 2013