Dog Search Teams

Dog search teams are a basic requirement for most searches

Dog search teams are used to search routes, paths and/or large areas quickly as the dog can cover large areas more quickly than a foot search team.

Typically a dog search team can do the equivalent work of 5 foot search teams. Therefore they are a major asset to most searches.

AlNSARDA-Kent-Logo-Small1 copyl Dog Handlers in Kent are qualified to the National Search and Rescue Dog Association [NSARDA] Lowland Search Dog Standards.

Currently all of the search dogs in Kent are Air Scent Search Dogs. Other Dogs can be called in from across the UK including Scent Specific Trailing Search Dogs and Drowned Victim Search Dogs.

To qualify to NSARDA Standards the Dog Team are also members of NSARDA Kent, one of the ten member Associations that make up NSARDA.

All Dog Handlers are required to be a minimum qualified Search Technician and recommended to be a qualified Team Leader to Lowland Rescue national standards.

All Dog Support members are required to be a minimum qualified Search Technician and will ideally have been trained and qualified locally as a Dog Support. They are also recommended to become a qualified Lowland Team Leader.

This team is made up of two people…