Boat Search Teams

Bank search teams are required wherever we need to search water margins

Boat Search Teams are made up of search technicians that have qualified as Boat Handlers, whether that be an inflatable boat (rib), a canoe or a kayak, and have also successfully completed the various relevant qualifications.

The boat search team uses Canoes, Kayaks and Inflatable Power Boats to undertake searches of ponds, lakes, canals, reservoirs, streams, rivers etc.

Water plays a significant role in many of our searches here in Kent because we have a canal, reservoirs, marshes and a number of rivers.

The boat search teams are critical to all searches involving water.

The members of the team that handle the inflatable boats are made up of search technicians that have also qualified to the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) standards for Power Boat Level 2.

The members of the team that handle the canoes and the kayaks are made up of search technicians that have also qualified to the British Canoe Union (BCU) standards for Inland 2 Star plus the Foundation Safety Rescue Training or equivalent.

The Team Leader will be a qualified Lowland Rescue Team Leader and also hold the appropriate qualification to the team they are leading.

The boat teams always work in the Hot Zone and thereafter always have to be wearing appropriate Protective Personal Equipment [PPE].

The boat search team can be made up of any number of craft. Generally the inflatable boats can operate independently or with the canoes and kayaks. The canoes and kayaks will usually work in teams of two or three and wherever practical be supported by an inflatable boat.

The inflatable boat and canoes are manned by two search technicians…

The kayaks are manned by individuals thereafter they will both be a qualified kayak operator and at least one will be a Team Leader.