Bank Search Teams

Bank search teams are required wherever we need to search water margins

Bank Search Teams are made up of search technicians that have also qualified as a Bank Searcher, having successfully completed the Bank Search Course.

Bank Search Teams are used to search any water margins including streams, ponds, rivers, canals, lakes, reservoirs etc., basically wherever there is a search next to water.

Water margins appear on many of our searches here in Kent because we have a significant coast line, marshes such as you can find at Stodmarsh and the River Medway.

The bank search teams are critical to all foot based searches by water.

Where water is concerned teams work in zones, as follows:

  • Cold zone – away from the water such that a trip, slip or fall would not result in them falling in the water;
  • Warm Zone – could trip, slip or fall into the water;
  • Hot Zoneno member should be in the hot zone unless they have accidentally fallen in.

Some members of the team operate in the warm zone searching the water margins and providing safety cover for each other to rescue either should anyone accidentally fall in. The members in the warm zone must be wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment [PPE].

The remaining members operate in the cold zone.

Every operational bank searcher must be qualified as a bank search technician. Team Leaders must have also completed this training.

This team is made up of three to five, but usually four, search technicians that are qualified to Lowland Rescue national standards to undertake the roles of…