Kent Search and Rescue is a volunteer based charitable organisation

If you want to join you will need to join one of our Search Technician courses (the next course will be in 2022 – please keep an eye on the website for the date that applications open).

After application, you will be asked to complete and sign the paperwork including the police vetting form, non-disclosure agreement and child protection statement. We also need to see a few forms of identification.

Come to our Induction Evening where members will tell you what we do, why we do it, where we do it and how you can become a member.

Attend an Interview with a member of the committee. The purpose is to review the paperwork, make sure you understand the commitment involved and answer any questions you might have.

Now you attend the search technician training course which comprises 3 separate weekends where you will learn about search techniques, medical safety, navigation techniques, use of two-way radios, evidence handling and crime scene preservation and much more.

During these months that you will be attending the search technician training course you will attend bi-weekly training nights that take place on a Monday from 19:30 – 22:00 hrs.

Once you successfully complete the search technician training course you will immediately become operational as a Probationary Member. You do not have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

Once you have completed a number of searches and maintained attendance at training nights you will become a Full Member with voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

To keep the organisation running we regularly welcome new members of all ages, abilities, background and locations throughout Kent and beyond.

There are a number of opportunities for Operational and Non-Operational members.


Apply [Online]

Complete Paperwork

Induction Evening


Training Course

Attend Weekly Training

Probationary Membership

Full Membership