Welcome to the Safe And Dry Campaign

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#SAFE_AND_DRY” is an alcohol-related drowning risk awareness campaign promoted by Kent Search and Rescue (KSAR).

In the last decade there have been a significant number of accidental drownings in Kent’s rivers, and in many of these cases it was suspected that alcohol may have been a factor.

In one UK study, covering cases of accidental death involving men who had gone missing on a night, the research found that 89% of the men were found in water”.

You can be of great help, by following KSAR on social media, and sharing our SAFE_AND _DRY safety messages; also by asking your loved-ones, who are going for a “night-out”, how they plan to get home safely. Ideally, not on their own and, if possible, not on routes which take them close to a river or the sea!

If they won’t be accompanied by family or friends, suggest having one drink less and spending the money on getting a cab home.  It’s all about getting home safely…..Safe and Dry!


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