KSAR Challenge Award

Welcome to the Search and Rescue Challenge Award

Search and rescue has a lot in common with traditional survival and what we think are good life skills but there’s a lot more too and this is a challenging but fun badge to get.

If you’ve got this far, hopefully you’re interested in taking up the challenge!

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Scout & Guide Contacts:

Scout & Guide contact:
[email protected]

Tel: 01233 800 165

To get started, here are all the instructions you need:

  1. Look over the modules on the left that contain all the notes you need
  2. Decide that you want to take part and drop us an email on [email protected] to let us know which group you’re from, how many people will take part and who the main contact is.
  3. Within 12 months complete at least 8 challenges including at least 4 core modules.
    The core modules are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
  4. When you’re finished, let us know and we’ll send out your badges to celebrate or better still we’ll see if a KSAR member can come along and do the presentation!

What’s the cost?

It’s £1.50 per person and you pay this when you’ve completed your 8 challenges to get your certificate and badge.

Can the badge be worn on a uniform or sash?

Yes. County Commissioners in Kent and South East London have agreed that the Search and Rescue Award can be worn on uniforms or sashes. If you’re from another county, contact us and we can help you.

I’m the leader doing all the work, can I get the badge?

Yes again. It’s been agreed that as the person(s) delivering the badge you’ll definitely have done all the requirements, and probably more!

Do you want feedback as we progress?

You bet! Although we’ve done all we can to make sure everything works and the information you need is there we’re not infallible. Please email us using the addresses above to let us know how you are doing and any problems. We may take a day or two to get back to you as we might have been out searching so please bear with us.


On the top left you’ll find the complete activity list and then for each challenge there’s separate information and instructions to get you started. Don’t forget the library and internet have more information that can help you.


The disclaimers and small print (but using a large font):

This is a fun badge and not a professional search and rescue qualification.

All activities should be conducted under the rules and regulations of your Association or Organisation.

Safety of participants should be a priority at all times.

Kent Search and Rescue members are vetted annually by Kent Police.

We do not endorse any of the products or websites mentioned in the resources other than the www.KSAR.co.uk website.