We are currently inviting applicants to join our Spring 2019 Search Technician course. If you are interested, please complete the online application form.

We will only be holding ONE Search Technician’s course in 2019. Please note that you will need to commit to attend the induction evening, interview, fitness assessment and all 3 weekends to join the 2019 course (marked in red).

Search Technician Course 2019 – dates are detailed below.

Pre course activity
10th January 2019 – Induction Evening (Including Interviews)
14th January 2019 – Fitness Assessment

Search Technician Course Training Evenings
18th March 2019 – Missing Person Behaviour
1st April 2019 – Stretcher Training
15th April 2019 – Briefing, Interviews & Information Gathering
29th April 2019 – Crime Scene Awareness
13th May 2019 – First Aid Continuation
3rd June 2019 – Navigation (Practical)

Search Technician Course Training Weekends
13th/14th April 2019
11th/12th May 2019
8th/9th June 2019